Do I need a Wedding

Videographer if I already have a Wedding Photographer?



Differently to wedding photography



Wedding videography has grown into its own sector over the past decade or so. As important as it is to have a wedding photographer, wedding videography now has a creative mind of its own. While wedding videography wasn’t necessarily all that popular a few years back, it’s slowly become a must have as opposed to a want to have for those looking to get married. The progression has been fascinating to watch, and it’s exciting to see how it continues to evolve. 


Rather than using our Uncle’s
handheld Panasonic camcorder, which performed miracles for decades through until now; we’re now seeing a new era of cinematic, stylistic wedding videographers. We’re fortunate now to watch our wedding days back through film standard lenses, in its own movie-like way. 


Wedding Videography London                                   

For our couples in particular, their wedding video is another form of storytelling. The bride and groom’s desire is not so much for  the “best wedding video” but for their very own wedding video, portrayed in a natural and authentic setting, accompanied by sharp audio recordings. It’s very much our job as wedding videographers to capture the essence of the day, and bring it back to life every time we watch the wedding video back.
When reminiscing on our wedding days in years, or even decades to come; wedding videography can provide a depth to the day that’s difficult to regain. As mentioned, wedding photography’s importance speaks for itself, not only for the orchestration of the day, but for family photos etc. We always advise our couples to book both if possible. However, there’s a different dynamic and joy that comes with hearing parts of the speeches, or watching certain key moments in live action. These are individual moments that we may not necessarily experience again, and in some cases, moments that our newly-weds barely remember as the day goes so quick.

What are the similarities?

Like many things wedding videography and wedding photography have in common; they both have artistic vision. In its own beautiful way, this also means that each videographer and photographer will have different styles. This is why its so important as a wedding couple, to find the videographer or photographer which is right for you. Not just from a visionary perspective,  but also from a personal point of view with the build up and planning side of things. We believe our wedding videos should reflect our bride and groom’s collective stories, and personalities which is why we offer phone or zoom calls to all of our couples looking to book in. 
A good wedding photographer will capture stunning snapshots in real time. Whether it be six months, six years, or sixty years later – a good wedding videographer will take the bride and groom back in time.  what are the similarities?