Top Tips When Looking For A Wedding Videographer

There are many different aspects involved when looking for a wedding videographer, but certain details can tend to be overlooked. We’ve bundled up two tips below when looking at wedding videography and for a wedding filmmaker that matches your expectations. Not only do you want your wedding video to look beautiful, but are the other parts around the service convenient or work for you as a couple?


A lot of wedding couples can be so occupied by the excitement of having their wedding video (and who can blame them!), that they forget to enquire about the delivery time. It’s worth keeping in mind wedding videographers work on different grounds when it comes to delivering the first wedding draft. Not only can this vary on how long it takes your wedding film to be delivered, but also on what format the wedding film is delivered in, and also whether or not there are any changes/amends following your first draft. Some wedding videographers expect to turn a wedding video around with 4-6 months, where as some wedding videographers can turn around a wedding video within 4-6 weeks. We’d suggest if you’re a couple that are keen to get your wedding video back as soon as possible, its worth keeping this in mind. However, on the other hand – if you’re a couple that feels as though they have the patience to wait it out, this wouldn’t be top of your priority list.
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Wedding Videography packages are definitely something to look out for, not only because of how they vary but because it can determine the type of format your wedding video can look. Packages can depend on; how many videographers are present on the day, how many different videos you receive as product, whether or not aerial shots are included, and more. Wedding videos can be edited in a number of formats, with different names and styles; teaser videos, full videos, highlights videos, extended highlights videos etc. We advise couples to look at, or maybe even ask for, as many different examples as possible. This will give you the best vision possible for what you’d like to get from your wedding film, and how you’d best like to see it.

Wedding Videographers may include other factors in their packages, for example; add-on services. These often include additional services that a couple may feel could enhance their wedding video. If a couple feels as though there’s a specific moment that’s important for the wedding video too, add-on services within a package can be crucial. One add-on service for example could be “staying late”. This would mean the wedding videographer staying past their typical finishing time. If couple’s have something booked/arranged after the First Dance, or would just like to get some extra partying in – this may be something they’d like to look at further. Another add-on service worth looking at, which came to life during the covid period, would be the Live Stream that some wedding videographers offer. We’ve found for couples with family abroad, not only has this been gold dust, but something they hadn’t initially thought about.