What Makes The Best Wedding Filmmaker

So many different factors can determine what creates the perfect wedding video, but the most important component of all, is that the wedding video is right for the wedding couple. As a modern day artform, wedding videography is more subjective than ever. All wedding videographers have different approaches, and each newly-wed couple are unique in their own way, with their own stories. It’s not just what happens on the day, it’s the ingredients beginning, during and after that truly make a cinematic wedding video, what it is.


Collectively, it’s a wedding supplier’s responsibility to make sure the bride and groom are happy, relaxed and as stress-free as possible. Particularly, if the supplier is present on the wedding day. In this case, this is dictated by the videographer’s approach on the day, however it can also be helped during the build up to the special day too. Plenty of time and planning prior to the day can bring reassurance and confidence, not only for the wedding videographer, but for the bride and groom too. Should the couple require one; a quick zoom/phonecall helps to establish some familiarity, whilst liaising about certain locations, or certain timings that either party may feel are important for the wedding schedule. Approachability can be key for a wedding videographer too. It’s important they make themselves available for any questions the couple may have, should it be big or small. As the day draws closer, a couple that has familiarity and confidence in their wedding videographer (or photographer) will pay dividends during the day and therefore, further down the line.

Best Wedding Filmmaker



A wedding videographer is there to capture the day and what’s in front of them, in many ways; like a fly on the wall, to be seen and not heard. Where a wedding photographer may want to organise and plan certain shots; a newly-wed couple should expect a wedding videographer to capture the essence of the day, whilst not controlling it nor orchestrating any shots. Speaking from our own experience, we pride ourselves on being as discrete as possible. Not only to allow the couple and their guests to feel at ease, but to allow ourselves to capture the candid, and more natural footage of the people there on the day – which to some couples can be the most significant part of the wedding video.
When a couple can be happy, relaxed and most importantly themselves – the wedding video will shine for itself. If the build up and wedding day is handled with care and punctuality, any sentimental moments throughout the day will flow through onto the video, should that be speeches, readings, moments of clairty, certain gifts, the list goes on. The wedding video then inherits the personality of the couple, and mimics the dynamic felt on the day.



This is the best part of the job for wedding videographers, and a sharp reminder for why they love to do what they do. The reactions from the couples and their families are priceless. Due to how busy they are and how quick the day goes by, a couple might forget or miss certain parts, which always makes overshooting the day worthwhile.
Occasionally, a couple may want to make a change or an amendment to the wedding video. Although it is not a common occurrence, should it be big or small – the wedding videographer should feel obliged to co-operate collaboratively during the editing process, particularly with a video that they are going to look back on for the rest of their lives. Like the other “ingredients” this is part of the formula that creates the perfect wedding video.